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On 7 March 2015, social media accounts used to promote and analyze jihadist propaganda were atwitter with news regarding the pledge of bayat (allegiance) given to the leader of the Islamic State by Abu Bakr Shekau, the emir of the Nigeria-based terrorist group Boko Haram. There were ample indications the marriage of these terrorist groups had been in the making since mid-2014, when the group led by the terrorist formerly known to his followers as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rebranded itself the Islamic State and declared its establishment of a “caliphate” on territories the group had asserted de facto control over in Syria and Iraq.

The merger of Boko Haram with DA’ISH did not come as a surprise for national security managers in the West. The working group materials concerning the Islamic State commissioned by General Michael K. Nagata to assist officials with their quest for insights of DA’ISH’s “intangible power” covered the apparent courtship underway between these elements. (That working group’s white papers are available here.)

Screenshots: Twitter accounts spread the recording of the pledge of bayat given by Boko Haram’s emir to “Caliph Ibrahim”

Screenshots of the translation subtitles that accompanied the roughly 8.5-minute voice message from Boko Haram’s emir are located below. Clearly, the group wanted to rapidly transmit this message to audiences in the West who may not speak Arabic.

Issued by DA’ISH spokesman Mohamed al-Adnani, rather than the leader to whom bayat was pledged, the acceptance of Shekau’s pledge of bayat arrived in a 27-minute, plus Arabic-language audio message posted online on 12 March 2015. The message’s title, “So they Slay and Are Slain,” is an allusion to Quranic verse Surat al-Tawba 9:111, an interpretation of which states (emphasis added):

Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden [ie Paradise]; they fight in Allah’s way, so they slay and are slain; a promise which is binding on Him in the Taurat and the Injeel and the Quran; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the mighty achievement.

In it, al-Adnani emphasized that aspirant jihadis who are unable to make the trip to the Middle East to join DA’ISH (ie hijrah) should travel to the zones in Africa where DA’ISH is expanding its “caliphate.” He also advised DA’ISH plans to expand into Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, and to strike monuments in the West, namely the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. A full translation of his message that was obtained by the DOWNRANGE team is available below.

To date, most of DA’ISH’s propaganda that is sure to be of interest to news organizations has been delivered in multiple languages. This makes it easier for the group to spread its narratives and provide updates on its activities to non-Arabic-speaking audiences.

However, al-Adnani’s reply to Shekau was not immediately accompanied by such translations. This could mean several things, such as: (1) There was urgency in the response that may be attributable to the loss of territory in Tikrit; or (2) The group’s leadership figures are keeping distance from propaganda producers whose whereabouts may be easier to track due to their uses of a variety of devices to produce and transmit the group’s messages that may be linked to wireless networks and the Internet; or (3) DA’ISH leaders felt it important to promptly reply to Shekau once they had conferred about the matter of his interest in wedding his group to theirs, and the group’s propagandists did not have time to prepare English- and French-language translations of the material to post with al-Adnani’s reply.

Indeed, it is intriguing this reply was not issued by “Caliph Ibrahim.”

So They Slay and Are Slain

Screenshot: Slide accompanying al-Adnani’s message titled “So They Slay and Are Slain.”

Introductory narration:

Al-Furqan Establishment for Media Production presents: A statement by the mujahid brother Sheikh Abu al-Adnani al-Shami, may God protect him, titled “So They Slay, and Are Slain.”


Praise be to God, the strong and powerful. Prayers and peace be upon the one sent with a sword as a mercy to all creation. Thereafter…God the Exalted said: So lose not heart, nor fall into despair. For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in faith [Koranic verse, Al Imran, 3:139]. O God, you are our only Lord. You have no partners. We have believed in you and rejected anything worshiped apart from you. O God, you are our only source of strength. We worship you and seek your assistance. We resort to you for rescue and depend on you. There is no god but you; you alone with no partners. You are the high and mighty one. You are the most powerful and the most victorious. You are the king. Thanks to your high rank and glory, we shall not be weakened, frightened, debased, or saddened. Thanks to your high rank and glory, you will grant us victory as long as we fear your majesty and wrath. You will grant us victory, and every stubborn power will fail.

O people, do you wonder about the victory of the Islamic State? Do you marvel at its steadfastness despite its weakness and lack of power? Do you marvel at the gathering of the nations against it and the multitude of its enemies? We do not marvel. We do not marvel because we are sure of its truthfulness. We are sure that God the Exalted is on our side. There is no god but Him, the Exalted. He suffices for us and is our best intercessor. He is the Exalted. No one can turn away His goodness or second His judgment. He is the All-Powerful, standing above His worshipers, the All-Wise and All-Knowing. He is our Lord and supporter, the best Lord and supporter indeed.

The Islamic State will remain on its course, with a clear vision and steady steps, standing by itself in a trench. On the other side, all the nations of the world, with their different beliefs and origins, have joined forces against it. And so they proclaim: These are but a small band. And they are raging furiously against us. But we are a multitude amply fore-warned [Koranic verses, Al-Shu’ara, 26:54-56].

All are watching, wondering in amazement if this makes sense. Is it possible for the caliphate to arise amid our armies? Can the law of God prevail despite our troops, arsenals, airplanes, tanks, rockets, vessels, and demolition weapons? Can the Islamic State continue existing despite our satellite channels, sorcerers, scientists, shaykhs, and fatwas? This is impossible. This is merely a cloud that will soon dissipate. It is a nightmare that will end and an affliction that will soon go away. Nay, O you enemies of God! The caliphate will endure until Judgment Day. We are the followers of Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him. His followers, blessings and peace be upon him, are never defeated. The nation of Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, is still fertile. By God, we will revive Badr and Uhud. We will revive Mu’ta and Hunayn, Qadisyiah and Yarmuk. We will revive Yamamah, Hatin, and Ayn-Jalut, Jalawla and the first and second Zalaqah, and Balat al-Shuhada [refers to historic battles in Islamic history]. We will revive the first and second Fallujah. By God, Nihawand [battle that ended the Sassanid empire] shall return, so guard your throats, O you rejectionist Safavids [derogatory terms for Shiites] .

If our ancestors have fought the Persians, Romans, and apostates, whether on the same fronts or on separate ones, we take pride in fighting them today in a single battlefield, under one united leadership. O Muslims everywhere, I bring you glad tidings. The caliphate is holding strong thanks to God’s goodness. Its edifice is rising higher. It is getting stronger and more resilient with each passing day, praise be to God and thanks be to His goodness. It is still victorious. The amplified victories proclaimed by the Crusader and rejectionist satellite channels are nothing but imaginary and false. They are nothing but the retaking of a few areas and villages in back-and-forth operations. Today, we bring you glad tidings of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa. The caliph, may God protect him, has accepted the vowed allegiance of Jama’at Ahl al-Sunna lil-Da’wah Wal Jihad [aka Boko Haram], so we congratulate the mujahideen and Muslims of West Africa for this allegiance. We congratulate them on joining the caliphate’s cavalcade. O Muslims, rejoice. This is a new door that God has opened for you in order to emigrate to the land of Islam and wage jihad.

Those who have been imprisoned by the tyrants and prevented from emigrating to Iraq, the Levant, Yemen, the [Arabian] Peninsula, or Khurasan [Afghanistan/Pakistan] will not be hindered by Africa, God willing. So arise, O Muslims, and join your State! We are calling you to wage jihad. We are inciting you to emigrate and join your brothers in West Africa, especially those of you who are preachers and scholars. O Muslims, come to the land of the caliphate! It is better for you to be a shepherd in the abode of Islam than to be an obeyed master in the land of non-belief. Here, monotheism is a reality. Here [the principal of] loyalty and disavowal is embodied. The jihad for the sake of God happens here. There is neither polytheism nor idols here. There is neither nationalism nor patriotism here. There is neither infidel democracy nor polytheist secularism. There is no difference between Arab and foreigner, or between black and white. Here, the Arab and the American, the African and the European, the Easterner and the Westerner have all become brothers. Here, good deeds are promoted and evil ones are prohibited. Here, the law of God rules. Here, the faith is all God’s, thanks to His goodness. Here, monotheism is proclaimed. The abode of Islam is here. The land of the caliphate is here.

O Jews, O Crusaders, you are far behind and will not be able to get back what has already passed. We have taken you by surprise. The Islamic State has risen. The caliphate has been revived in spite of you, praise be to God. You have been fooled by your arrogance and pride. You thought you could forever stop the revival of the caliphate using your omnipotence and tyranny. You mocked us when we announced its establishment. Your tails, allies, followers, slaves, and dogs did the same; the rejectionists, apostate Awakenings, and vicious scholars, the supporters of tyrants. They mocked us before when we announced the Islamic State. As the State has been established in spite of you, has deeply rooted itself and continued by the grace of God, so it will remain and expand in spite of you, God willing. You will not be able to stand against it, God willing. Since Islam is the religion of mercy, we shall point you toward goodness and call on you to join it. Therefore, listen to our advice and accept our call. Otherwise, your pride and arrogance will lead you to regrets. Dire is the hour of regret.

O Jews and Crusaders, if you want to protect yourselves, save your money, and live a secure life away from our swords, you have only two options: either you join Islam and declare God as the only god and no other, and thus live a good life in this world, gain the next one, and be doubly rewarded, [and] this is what we are calling on you to do and advising you to accept…The other option would be for you to contently pay us the jizyah [capitation tax collected from non-Muslims in states ruled by Islamic law], after you depart from the Arabian Peninsula of Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, as well as Jerusalem and all the nations of Muslims. The jizyah you will be paying us is one tenth of the tenth of what you are currently paying to fund your failing war. So save your money, and lift our swords from your [own] throats. If you choose the third option, and insist on your arrogance, pride, and stubbornness, you will deeply regret it soon, God willing.

God willing, you will not to be able to stop the march of the caliphate, no matter what you do, who you mobilize, and what you plot. The ummah [community of Muslims worldwide] of Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, is a fertile land, and nothing will stand in its way as long as it adheres to the Book of god and the sunna of its prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, as long as it undertakes jihad, and as long as its sons sacrifice their blood for the sake of God.

Remember, O Jews, remember O Crusaders, the life of our ummah is based on bloodshed. Each time our blood is spilled, we are strengthened and our rise is strengthened. By God, you will not kill a single one of us without dozens of others taking his place.O Jews, O Crusaders, O rejectionists, and O atheists, you are weak and cowardly, all of you. The weak and cowardly will not triumph. You are cowards, as you will not dare reveal the truth behind your war, for it is Crusade on Islam and the people of sunna. You do not reveal this truth because you are weak, for if you revealed your faces and revealed the truth of your war, the rest of the Muslims would awaken from [their] slumber and be rid of their intoxication, at which point, their generation will not quit until they sell your women and children in slave markets. I hope my people realize this.

O Jews, O Crusaders, you face a difficult reckoning, in a long and dark tunnel. You consider the solution to be killing the soldiers and leaders of the caliphate. However, Muslims are granted life by the blood of those you killed. They feed and intensify the flames of jihad with this blood. Did you not know that we are unfazed by death? Did you not know that we strive and wish for death in God’s cause? Have you not heard the saying of Haram Ibn-Milhan, may God be pleased with him, when he related the story of a Muslim, may God have mercy on him? A man attacked Haram from behind and jabbed him with a spear which pierced him, whereupon Haram said: By the Lord of the Kaaba, I have met with success. The messenger of God, blessings and peace be upon him, said to his companions: Your brethren have been slain and they were saying O God! Convey to our prophet the news that we have met you, that we are pleased with you and you are pleased with us.

Did I not tell you the supplications of Abdallah Ibn-Jahsh, may God be pleased with him, the day he said of his wishes: O God, bless me tomorrow with an angry, desperate man, so that I fight him for you and he fights me and cuts off my nose and ears. So if you saw me tomorrow and said: O Abdallah, who cut off your nose and ears? I would say: In you and your prophet’s cause, and you would say: You have spoken the truth. Sa’d [Ibn-Abu-Waqqas] said I saw him at the end of the day, with his nose and ears hanging.

Do you not know the story of Umayr [Ibn-Wahb] may God be pleased with him? He was holding dates in his hand and eating them when he heard God’s messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, urging him to fight, observe jihad, and strive for heaven. Umayr said: All that stands between me and heaven is being killed by them? He then threw away the dates and fought until he was killed.

Did you not hear when our prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, said: By Him in whose hand Muhammad’s soul is, I love to fight in the way of God and get killed, to fight again and get killed, and to fight again and get killed [hadith]?

Did you not hear our Lord, the Glorified and Exalted, when He said: To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or gets victory, soon shall we give him a reward of great value [partial Koranic verse, Al-Nisa, 4:74]? God hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods. For theirs in return is the garden of Paradise. They fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the law, the Gospel, and the Koran. And who is more faithful to his covenant than God? Then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded, that is the achievement supreme [Koranic verse, al-Tawba, 9:111].

Did you not know, O Crusaders, that we have hundreds of thousands of descendants of Haram, Abdallah, and Umayr? Do you not see the caravans of our martyrs every day? Do you not see how they advance to their death laughing and rejoiced? Death flees from them in fear, so they chase it until they obtain it, embracing it and competing over it in order to re-write history with their blood, saying here is the scent of heaven, here is the center of jihad, here is the abode of Islam, here is the land of the caliphate, here is loyalty and disavowal, here is glory, here is dignity, for there is no glory and no dignity for Muslims except for here. Will they be defeated? Absolutely not, by God’s prophet, blessings and peace be upon him.

The ummah of jihad and martyrdom will not be defeated, and they have not died. Rather, life has been granted to them. We have triumphed, O Crusaders, and we have revived the caliphate with God’s permission alone, so turn around before it is too late, and dedicate yourselves to Islam or pay the jizyah, for there is still a good opportunity for you. We have triumphed with God’s grace alone and defeated you, O Crusaders. You will be defeated, by Almighty God, you will be defeated. We triumphed the day we announced loyalty and disavowal and we crushed the idols. We have brought forth monotheism in every mosque, every street, and every location. We have stoned adulterers, killed magicians, cut the hand of thieves, flogged those who drink alcohol, and restored the chastity of Muslim women with the hijab. We triumphed when we destroyed the ballot boxes and filled the caliphate with boxes of ammunition and the slaughtering of heads. We have prayed and brought alms, and we have ordered what is right and banned that which is forbidden. We triumphed the day Pentagon considered the retaking of ‘Ayn al Islam [ISIL designation for ‘Ayn al ‘Arab] or Zummar a victory, after the mujahideen withdrew during hit and run warfare, leaving it in ruins. After four months of exhausting 70 percent of your air force, battleships, and troops, congratulations, O Pentagon, for this victory! Congratulations to the Crusaders for the pile of rocks in Kobani [‘Ayn al ‘Arab] and Zummar! We triumphed the day you began mobilizing tens of thousands of infidels to enter Al Bu ‘Ujayl, ‘Alam, Ad Dar, or some homes made of mud in villages scattered throughout the desert. Even if you could enter them, do you consider this victory?

We triumphed the day America and Europe began dreaming of recovering homes made of mud in Tall Hamis, or Tall al Barak, Al Ahdaim or Al Jillam. O Crusaders, if you were gambling over Salah Ad Din, overreaching for Mosul, and dreaming of Sinjar, Hul, Tikrit, Hawijat, or dreaming of Al Mayadin, Tripoli, Jarmah, or Tall Abyad, Al Qa’im, or Darnah, or if you dream of claiming a jungle in the woods of Nigeria, or controlling a single nest in the Sinai desert, then we want, God willing, Paris before Rome and before Al Andalus, after we make your existence difficult and destroy your White House, the Big Ben clock, and the Eiffel Tower, God willing, as we previously destroyed Taq Karsa [an ancient Persian monument]. We want Kabul, Kawachi, Chechnya, Qom, Riyadh, and Tehran. We want Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Sanaa, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Amman. Muslims will reclaim sovereignty and leadership everywhere. This is Dabiq, Al Ghutah, Jerusalem, and Rome. We will enter these cities, this is no lie. This is the promise of the truthful one, blessings and peace be upon him.

Here we are! There are mere days between us. The epics coming. O Sunnis in Iraq, Syria, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen, many a time have we warned you of the filthy rejectionists. What we warned you of has happened. We continue to warn you. As if only yesterday, they have deceived you and portrayed themselves as a delicate harmless snake. Today, they have bared their fangs and spit their venom. They have announced their Safavid empire forthrightly, and its capital is Baghdad, and in complete brazenness, they have unveiled the face of their envy to you today, that you have seen in Baghdad, Damascus, Sanaa, and that you have seen in Al Hulah, Duma, and Baniyas, that you have seen in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Al Ihsa’, and in Al Hawijah, As Sa’diyah, Al Miqdadiyah, and Khaniqin, that you see in Tikrit, Al ‘Alam, Al Daur, and Al Bu ‘Ujayl.

Indeed, today the Safavid rejectionists have entered a new stage in their war against the Sunni people, and they have gone so far as to think that it has become within their power to take Sunni areas and control them completely. Indeed today, they no longer want in their empire and their pursued [territory] a single Sunni Muslim. They do not want anyone to remain that does not defame our mother A’ishah and the mothers of the faithful, may God be pleased with them, and does not impugn the honor of our prophet, blessings and peace be upon him. They do not want to have anyone who is not pleased with Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman and the rest of the prophet’s companions, may God be pleased with them. Those who refuse them will be killed, their homes and wealth plundered, and their women and children imprisoned.

O Sunnis, the Crusader-Safavid alliance has become clear today. Here is Iran with their greatest Satan, America, striking the areas and homes in a war on Islam and Sunnis. The Crusaders and Jews were not satisfied with the rejectionists’ surrender of Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and Sanaa. What they really want are Mecca and Medina. They wnat Pakistan and Afghanistan. They want Indonesia! Yes, Indonesia if you knew! Indeed the Jews and Crusaders want the surrender of all of the Muslim nations to the filthy rejectionists. They did not find anyone more infidel-like and corrupt than them who fight monotheism and spread sin, polytheism, and defamation. What is extraordinary about this war is that the politicians of betrayal and treachery, the politicians of villainy and depravity still remain. The likes of Al-Nujayfi [Usamah al-Nujayfi, Iraqi Vice President], Al-Juburi [Salim Abdallah al-Juburi, Iraqi politician, speaker of the Iraqi parliament], and Al-Ubaydi [Khalid al-Ubaydi, Iraqi Defense Minister]…They pledge that the rejectionists will gain back Mosul, Salah ad Din, and Al Anbar. They are threatening the mujahideen, making them shudder and foaming at the mouth. The filthy leader of the rejectionist Safavid battle, Suleimany [refers to Qasim Suleimany], their master and benefactor…They are still following behind the rejectionists like stray dogs, barking that they are the defenders of Sunnis, and that the Islamic State is an agent and a creation of Iran. O Glory be to God!

O Sunnis in Iraq, Syria, Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen, and especially the people of Iraq, the filthy Safavid rejectionists have not come from Iran, Al Basrah, An Najaf, Karbala, or elsewhere, they are coming to their deaths. So cut off their heads, and toss their body parts about. Slay and kill them like animals to defend yourselves. And what is the filthy rejectionist claim of defending the Sunnis and securing their areas except a spiteful Crusader call to defend Islam, and to protect them from straying, and the victory of the oppressed?

O Sunni people, the rejectionists have come to take your homes, your money, and your land. They have come to kill your men and imprison your women. The Iranians have come demanding revenge from the Iraqis for the 1980s. The rejectionists have come to exact revenge from the Sunni people for Hussayn, may God the Glorified be satisfied with him, whom they killed and then mourned and for whom they have flagellated themselves for hundreds of years. So wake up, O Muslims. O Sunni people in Iraq, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen, O Sunni people in Egypt, Morocco, and Africa, O Sunni people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, O Sunni people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, and the Caucasus, O Muslims in America, Europe, and Australia. O ummah of Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, we warned you before and we warn you again that this war is a Crusader-Safavid war against Islam, monotheism, and the Sunni people. If the Islamic State fell apart, God forbid, then there would be no Mecca or Medina left for you, and the rejectionists would dig up the graves of the companions of your messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, starting with the graves of the rightly-guided caliphs, may God be pleased with them.

Living with the rejectionists will be as slaves and servants, so prepare for your war, O Muslims. We are calling upon you in every corner of the world to emigrate to your State to defend it, to uphold its stature, and to accompany it on its march. We are singling out our Muslims brothers among the Kurds, especially in Turkey and northern Iraq and Iran. Gather to fight the infidels and atheists among your people, and prove that our war is an ideological war, a war between faith and blasphemy, devoid of nationalism or patriotism. O soldiers of the caliphate, hold fast, as you are on the righteous path. Hold fast, as God will make you victorious. Hold fast, as our God is your champion. Hold fast, as the Lord of all heavens and earth will not allow the rejectionists’ polytheism to defeat your monotheism, God forbid, and that the blasphemy and atheism of the Kurds will not exceed your misdeeds and your transgressions. On the contrary, by God, the Awakenings of apostasy will not defeat your Islam, God willing, and the Crusader coalition will not break your faith, God willing.

Come forth as Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Rome are waiting for you. Come forth to the new Badr, Uhud, and Ahzab. Come forth to the new Mu’tah, Yamamah, Yarmuk, Qadisiyah, and Nahavand. Come forth to the new Ayn Jalut, Zallaqah, and Hittin. Come forth to Dabiq and Al Ghutah. O soldiers of the Islamic caliphate, the caliphate is permitted by God, and you have desired it to be on the methodology of the prophet, God willing, so take caution against oppression and be wary of overconfidence and vanity. Purify your intentions toward God and always renew them. Constantly repent and seek forgiveness, and say: There is no might nor power except in God. Repudiate your own might and power for the might and power of God. And if you find the enemy, remember your monotheism and your religion and remember their polytheism and their blasphemy. If you do this, you will see how strong you are and how weak and cowardly they are. O mujahid, remember this when you find your enemy. Remember that you are fighting a dirty, polytheistic rejectionist who fights for the cause of humanity, for the cause of Ali, Hussayn, the false Ahl al-Bayt [Prophet Muhammad’s family]. They are fighting for the cause of Khomeini, Khamenei, and Sistani, God’s curses be upon them. They pray to tombs in human form which they then walk around seeking their blessings. They swear upon humanity and appeal to and seek aid from the dead among mankind. They look toward and slaughter for [the cause of] humanity and place their confidence in humanity [rather than God]. And if they want to get closer to God, they commit adultery. Remember this, O monotheist mujahid.

Remember that you are fighting a malicious, atheist, apostate infidel who has forsaken God, believes in democracy and secularism, who befriended and allied with the polytheists, and who has aggressed against the religion and rule of God aiming to combat and get rid of God’s law. The infidel has condemned the protectors of God among the monotheist mujahideen and spends his day getting drunk, fornicating, dancing, singing, and [committing] various types of sin and forbidden deeds. He has replaced the noble Koran with stringed instruments and drums. O mujahid, remember that when you find your enemy. And remember your monotheism for God. Place your trust in Him alone and seek refuge in and ask for help from Him alone. Remember prostrating and bowing down to Him alone, and remember your supplications and your submission to Him. Remember that you are fighting for Him, the Glorified. O mujahideen, if you do this, and if you rise up toward your enemies and attack them, they will not persevere or hold their ground against you, God willing. O mujahideen, do not think that the mujahideen cannot lose a battle. On the contrary, war is a back and forth contest, and fortunes change every day. While the mujahideen can lose a battle, a city, or an area, they will never be defeated, and the reward and victory will always be theirs in the end. So be steadfast, O soldiers of the caliphate, and ask God to keep the caliphate on the path of the prophet. If the caliphate is based on the path of the prophet, and it is, God willing, then neither America, Europe, Russia, China, nor Iran will not stand up against its hordes, and its soldiers will demolish their thrones. However, there must be time for both wreaking havoc as well as careful reflection.

O God, this religion is your religion and we are your soldiers fighting for your cause. O God, you have made us victorious through your grace, strength, and generosity rather than through our own might or strength. We are not a people for victory. O God, may their polytheism not defeat our monotheism, and may their blasphemy not conquer our misdeeds. O God, forgive us our sins, for we seek your forgiveness and to you we repent. We believe in you and place our trust in you. Do not punish us for what the foolish among us did. Our Lord, do not sow the discord of the infidels among us. Forgive us our sins, make us steadfast, and make us victorious against the infidel people with your mercy, O Lord. Blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. And the last of our supplications is praise be to God, Lord of all creation.

Boko Haram Emir’s Pledge of Bayat to DA’ISH

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