Ronald Sandee
Founding Editor

Ronald Sandee is Chief Global Jihad Analyst at the strategic advisory firm Kronos Advisory. An international security consultant and counter-terrorism professional, Sandee is recognized by Western governments as a top expert on al-Qa’ida and Affiliated Movements. After finishing his Master’s degree in 1995, Sandee was drafted into the Dutch Army and served in the headquarters of the Defense Intelligence and Security Service (DISS/MIVD) in The Hague (1996-2006). In the nearly eleven years he worked at the DISS Sandee held various high-ranking positions, including Senior Political Strategic Analyst for the Former Soviet Union desk, Lead Senior Political Analyst for the Afghanistan desk (2002-2003), Commander (Lt. Col) of the Dutch Intelligence Unit Kabul, Afghanistan (2003), Senior Political Strategic Analyst for Terrorism and Organized Crime (2003-2004), and Senior Counter Intelligence Analyst for Terrorism (2004-2006). In Afghanistan, Sandee established the Dutch Intelligence Unit attached to ISAF and served as an Intelligence Advisor to ISAF Commander Lt. Gen Norbert Van Heyst. Sandee left the DISS to become Director of Analysis and Research for The NEFA Foundation (2006-2012), a nonprofit research institute devoted to exposing the organizations and individuals who plan, fund, and commit acts of terrorism, with particular focus on radical Islamist elements. In recent years, Sandee has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars, and lectured at universities. He has briefed officials at NATO Headquarters, the French Military Intelligence (DRM) headquarters, Swiss Military Intelligence, and the Dutch National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague. His input on terror-related issues is frequently sought by US defense, intelligence, and law enforcement officials, and he has directly assisted members of the United States Congress and their staffs while serving as a Contributing Expert to the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.